Le Café Noir – Dinan

Today, Dinan is an essential city in cultural and tourist Brittany. This city, which has been one of France’s 146 cities of art and history since 1985, has one of the largest protected areas in France.

The city, which inspires so many artists and creators, has harmoniously combined the richness of its past with the dynamism of its present. Dinan ranks 2nd in the ranking of the 50 most photographed cities in France in the world. This medieval city, overlooking its port and its river Rance, surprises by its authenticity.

Dinan is surrounded by 2.7 km of ramparts (the longest in Brittany, with 10 towers and 4 gates). The city has no less than 130 half-timbered houses. They were built between the 15th and 18th centuries and give the historic centre its authenticity.

10 things to do in Dinan

The medieval city centre of Dinan

Dinan Castle

The churches of St Malo and St Sauveur

The Clock Tower

The ramparts of Dinan

The street of Jerzual

The port of Dinan and the banks of the Rance

Stroll to the pretty city of Léhon

The English garden

The Governor’s House

Near Dinan

Mont Saint-Michel



Fort La Latte


Cap Fréhel